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Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing developed thousands of years ago in China, but although it originated in China it has been used widely throughout many Asian countries. The aim of Acupuncture is to restore the qi (pronounced Chee) which is the Universal Life Energy that circulates throughout the body via the painless application of fine needles in certain pressure points across the body.

Qi is made up of Ying and Yang and although opposite these forces are complimentary and need to balance to keep a clear and healthy flow of energy through the body. If the qi becomes blocked it can result in physical and emotional ill health.

An inbalance in the body can result from emotional responses to anger, fear and grief for example. To restore the balance of the qi the acupuncterist will stimulate the acupuncture points that are specific to you to counteract the inbalance.

Initially you will find that you may start on an intensive treatment of once a week, and the treatment will be designed to address how the grief shows up for you, whether it is not sleeping, avoiding contact from the outside world, loss of apetite the treatment will focus on the process of coming back to life.

Many years ago people would be more sceptical with regards to acupuncture and its benefits, however, today it is a common treatment and best used in conjunction with medicines prescribed by your physician. It does compliment Western medicine to aid healing faster. Acupuncture is now highly regarded and encouraged throughout the world as a benefit for your overall well being.

Click here to visit the British Acupuncture Council, the UK's largest body of professional Acupuncturists and to find a therapist near you.

Click here to visit the British Medical Acupuncture Society; a registered charity seeking to enhance the education and training of suitably qualified practitioners who practice acupuncture within the scope of their professional practice. Search for a local BMAS therapist in your area.