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Baby Burial Clothing

Something Precious

The only UK baby funeral specialist providing micro sized tiny baby wear. Offering a complete range of baby bereavement gowns, baby burial clothes and tiny baby funeral accessories to match. Plus Bespoke handmade baby burial garments available upon request.Allowing Baby to be dressed in suitable clothes that fit with dignity, respect and feeling comfortable. Fast despatch and priority special deliveries to all uk addresses.Main colours in white a symbol of innocence and purity all other traditional and trendy baby colours available too.

An extended part of Cheeky Chums tiny baby store offering a new website solely for the sensitive issue of a premature or a tiny baby that has sadly passed away.
  • All the Staff are sensitive to the heartbreaking news of a death of a premature or tiny baby, no matter what size baby is.
  • Having found so many babies just wrapped in a blanket for a final sleep.We made the descision to come up with a range where babies do not need to be dressed in dolls clothes just to find something that fits little ones.
  • On the Something Precious website a Baby's final resting day can be made to feel extra special for the parents who's baby passed away.
  • Complete sets enabling your baby to be dressed with dignity.
  • If he or she is too tiny and delicate for dressing a baby berevement pouch or crib can offered as an alternative they are created and made to feel more comfortable,and baby is at lot more settled.
  • The majority of these baby clothes are handmade with sizes to fit better and to make dressing a delicate baby that has passed away with tenderness.
  • Our main website CheekyChumsonline offer a complete premature baby store in the event that you also may want to choose something different to dress baby in with more smaller sizes too, if it will not offend you looking at the premature sizes.

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