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Dancing with Life

Gayle's youngest son was killed in a car accident in 1993. Her book tells what her life was like before, during, and after his death. It tells what helped her heal from this traumatic event. Although her healing is ongoing, there was a turning point when she felt her love for life return once again.

The book Dancing With Life, Healing After the Death of a Child was written to help and inspire others. The book will help people by showing them an example of how one person found her way out of the darkness of grief. It will inspire people whether they have been through this or not. If the reader has experienced the loss of anyone close in their life, they can relate to this book. It is an amazing story of the bond between a mother and child that even death cannot destroy.

Gayle's book Dancing with Life, Healing after the Death of a Child is the account of her life when her youngest son, Eric, was suddenly killed in a car accident. It also tells about what came afterwards. It's the story of a strong bond of love between a mother and child. Eric did not cross over right away like most spirits do. He stayed on earth with his mom, for months, making sure she was going to be alright. He made his presence known on many occasions.

The book has entries from journals kept over the years. They express her emotions, life situations, and her night time dreams. It shows her own grieving process. Gayle tells the reader what helped and what healed her.

The intention of this book is to bring awareness to what a grieving parent goes through. It was also written to help people who have lost a loved one recover and find peace of mind. The book will help others understand what grieving parents go through. Dancing with Life, Healing after the Death of a Child is a true story that will make the reader laugh and cry as it expresses the real emotions, dreams and memories of a mother who has endured an unthinkable loss most cannot imagine.

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