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East Midlands

Base 51 Centre for Young People

The Base 51 Counselling Service offers young people a safe and confidential space in which there is an opportunity to explore, identify and understand past and present experiences. Our aim is help young people discover new ways of coping and to feel and think better about themselves and their lives and promote greater well-being.

Being a human being is a very complicated thing and involves all sorts of stuff including happy/sad, easy/difficult, fair/unfair etc etc, its all part of life.
Very often, and for lots of different reasons young people don't want to discuss problems with family or teachers, and that's why we are here; to offer you extra help and support. We want to make sure that you're not dealing with difficult issues that are making you sad, angry and unhappy on your own.

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Bereaved Parents Support Group

Meets every Thursday 10am - 11.30am
Central United Reformed Church

(Behind old Debenhams on Becketwell Lane)

Contact Dorothy: 01773 827 160 Mobile: 07868 055 009

Children Are Butterflies

Children Are Butterflies is a Northampton based charity. We offerpractical and financial support when arranging a funeral that was probably not expected and not planned for, and more importantly, emotional support through an established network of parents and families who have suffered similar losses. It may be a lonely time, but with Children Are Butterflies you are notalone.

Child and Adolescent Bereavement Service (CABS)

Child and Adolescent Bereavement service provides counselling and support to children and young people aged 0-18 years in the Northamptonshire area. CABS also works with parents/carers and families.

Northampton General Hospital

Tel: 01604 545131

COPing - Support Group

Supported by Child Bereavement Team, Barnado's.
2 Clinton Avenue
Off Hucknall Road

Tel: 0115 9249924 ext 66276

The Laura Centre

The Laura Centre Charity offers bereavement counselling for parents and children. They are located in Leicester and offer a variety of services for families. The Laura Centre is now the sole project of the charity COPE. Gail and Harry Moore founded COPE in 1988 initially focusing on services for children with cancer and their families. Following the sad death of their daughter Laura from Leukaemia, Gail and Harry became aware of the lack of support for families bereaved of a child. This led to them opening the Laura Centre in 1991 to provide theraputic support to anyone bereaved of a child or young person.

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Nottingham Counselling Service

Nottingham Counselling Service (NCS) has been providing counselling services in Nottingham for over 30 years and is one of the most respected and established providers of counselling services and therapy in the East Midlands, UK.

Established in 1977, NCS is fully accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Over the years, our counsellors have provided support to thousands of people enabling people like you to take advantage of the health and wellbeing benefits that our counselling services have to offer.

As an independent, registered charity based in the centre of Nottingham, we are dedicated to providing the best possible counselling services, therapy and therapeutic support to men and women aged 18 and over, living, working or studying in Nottinghamshire, UK.

The aim of our service is to provide accessible and inclusive counselling.

However, as a self-funding charitable organisation we need to ask most of our clients to pay something towards their counselling in order to keep our service viable. The range of charges is designed to take account of income and personal circumstances.

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PASIC (Parents Association of Seriously Ill Children)

Supporting families of children and young people diagnosed with cancer, leukaemia and brain tumours, receiving treatment at the Nottingham Childrens" Hospital.

PASIC, or Parent's Association for Seriously Ill Children, was formed in 1977 by parents and a hospital consultant. It was felt there was a need for support and that the best kind of support would come from parents who had shared a similar experience. PASIC has now grown and is currently supporting over 400 families throughout the East Midlands.

PASIC helps Parents to provide mutual support at times of need and also assists the Chaplaincy department by providing support at the annual remembrance service.

Telephone: 07874 223 462 or Email:

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Sue's Place

Sue's Place is unique, it is a special place where children and their families can go to find the support and guidance they need to face the future.

Although it is a natural part of life, the death, divorce or separation of someone close can be a distressing and overwhelming experience for anyone. Children experience the pain of loss and separation just as much as adults. Their reactions depend on their age, maturity and understanding of events.

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