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Facing Their Lions

facing lions
This CD contains eight STORIES for young people aged about 9 -16 years, accompanied by separate NOTES to help an adult working with the young person. Any of the material may be printed out and photocopied by the purchasing organisation for use within that organisation only. The ages given are approximate and could easily be extended up and down.

The stories:

All at sea (Age 9-14) Dealing with the death of a sibling within a family.

Facing it together (Age 13-16) Living with a life-limiting illness and subsequent death.

It's OK (Age 13-16) Follow up to Facing it together; dealing with a mother's death.

Fix the fence (Age 8-13) Impact of a father's death - a soldier killed in action.

Friends for life (Age 9-14) How the death of a close friend impacts on a young person.

In safe hands (Age 7-12) A story that touches on loss, death and remembrance.

It could have been me (Age 12-16) A girl's reactions to the sudden death of her friend.

Picking up the pieces (Age 12-16) Coping with a father's suicide.

Also on the CD: An introduction to getting the most from the resource; A detailed summary of each story.

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