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Huggable Teddy Bear Urns

We love the idea of having your childs ashes in a huggable teddy bear, something that you can love and hug whenever you want. However, this is very much an American idea but we have found a couple of sites that offer some beautiful teddy bears and will ship to the UK. The teddy bears look just like a standard Teddy, but have a concealed opening at the back with a container for the ashes.

I must add that the containers are very small, and would be suitable for a babies ashes or a very small amount of ashes. Alternatively, it could be possible to have the bear adapted to hold all of the ashes in a sealed bag. I would recommend discussing this with your funeral directors who should be able to guide you further and who will also be able to put the ashes in the bear on your behalf.

Personally we hbearave all of our son's ashes in a teddy bear, we find it such a comfort. We purchased a pyjama case of all things (Me to You - Tatty Teddy). It is a little bit bigger and the container with his ashes fits perfectly in the back. The only alteration was to give the teddy some extra stuffing so you can not feel the container inside. Its another option to consider. However, we are actively talking to UK bear Manufacturers to see if we can have something made here in the UK and suitable for all needs. We will keep you updated on our progress.

In the meantime we wanted to share with you the links to the U.S sites we have found and one teddy bear we know of that is available in the UK.

UK Websites

Lay To Rest

Our Memory Bear comes with a zipped pocket in his back (and special container) for your childs ashes, precious keepsakes or photographs. He stands at a full 17 inches tall and was especially made for cuddling. The Memory Bear is designed to hold the full ashes of an infant upto 6 months of age or a token amount of ashes of a child older than 6 months.
We understand you may not personally wish to place your childs ashes into the Memory Bear, we are able to provide this service for you. Our fully trained and qualified Funeral Director who is a member of the National Association Of Funeral Directors and the British Institute Of Funeral Directors will do this on your behalf. If you require this service please do not order on-line but telephone us on 0844 567 9909 to place your order and discuss your requirements fully.

U.S Websites

Teddy Bear Urns

When you look at teddy bear urns, you will see that they really are not any different from the regular teddy bear stuffed toys that you will see in any toy store. They are made of cloth, are stuffed and padded to make them huggable, and are sewn with button eyes, ribbons and other accessories. Some teddy bear urns also have detachable angel wings included in their design.

What makes teddy bear urns different from the regular stuffed toy is the fact that teddy bear urns contain pockets inside them where an actual piece of memorial jewelry is held. This small keepsake urn would contain a small portion of the departed person's ashes. Thus, when a bereaved person hugs these teddy bear urns that contain his or her loved ones" ashes, he or she is literally hugging the loved one once more.

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Into the Light Urns

The loss of a child is tragic, and loss of a parent, grandparent or sibling can be traumatic for a young child. At In the Light Urns, our Teddy Bear Keepsake Cremation Urns help comfort the ones left behind, whether a parent or child. Death is an inevitable part of life, but knowing that does not make it easier when the time comes. Sadness, despair and inexplicable grief are normal, and it takes time to help heal the wounds, though they will never disappear.

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Huggable Urns

Especially made for your loved one will hold up to a small teenager and with some of the stuffing taken out will accomadate an adult.

All of our Huggable Urns are made from extremely high quality ultra plush material and are very soft to the touch. Each urn comes with a velvet pouch, which is lined to contain the ashes.

Marcella is our specialist who can make your Huggable Urn a "one of a kind" with her expertise in capturing the essence of your loved one or pet's personality. You can also send us your favorite article of clothing and Marcella will create something very special for you.

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