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Ideas for Birthdays & Anniversaries

In time you may find that you would like to mark the special days after your child has died. Birthdays, anniversaries special dates that mean so much. We have quite a few ideas below, however, if there is something we have not included and that you would like to share, please
contact us.

small butterflyLet off balloons; tie a note or a special message

small butterflyGive everyone a ribbon and tell them what it is for and who it is in memory of

small butterflyMake a scrapbook or shadow box and store pictures and treasured items that were special to your child

small butterflyBuy something your child would like and keep it as a memento

small butterflyTake toys etc to other children in hospital or donate money to the hospital or local children's hospice in memory of your child

small butterflyHave a t-shirt made with your childs picture and wear it all that day

small butterflyMake a memory stone; paint your childs name, dates or a picture

small butterflyWrite a message in a bottle, write about your child, include some tiny memento's relevant to your child and don't forget to include your address as you never know who will write back to you!

small butterflyLight a special candle of remembrance

small butterflyGet awareness bands - I am the father/mother of an angel

small butterflyShare your story either on a social networking site, blog or newspaper, or
contact us and we would be happy to share it on here.

small butterflyHold an annual charity event in memory of your child

small butterflyGet involved in a cause, volunteering your time to something that is already established

small butterflyWrite a poem and send it to everyone you know

small butterflyAsk others to write their memories or impressions of your child, read them aloud at a gathering at your home and maybe include a table with some of your childs special things as a remembrance

small butterflyPlant forget me not seeds