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Memorial Jewellery

Here you will find a selection of sites who can offer jewellery made to holds a small amount of ashes, soil from a favourite place or a lock of hair.

Angels Meadow

Cremation jewellery is exploding in popularity. The reason is both simple and profound: there is no better way to keep the inspirational memory of a loved one close. Whether you wear it next to your heart or keep it in one of our elegant glass domes. A cremation pendant is a gentile and poignant reminder that there are bonds that cannot be broken, even in death. At Angels Meadow we aim to provide you with as many designs as possible in the hope that you will fall upon something fitting and personal to your loved one.

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Eternity Crystal

The jewellery on this site is beautiful, and not only will they produce jewellery using ashes, but they can use a lock of hair too. Please take time to have a look.

At Eternity Crystal we understand just how much you treasure the memory of your loved ones and scattering of their ashes is such a final farewell. Using a patented process of fusing a small amount of the ash into crystal glass, we have developed a unique range of memorial products by which to remember them.

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Urn Jewellery's memorial jewellery was introduced when a number of people came to us looking for the best funeral memorial jewellery keepsakes. We introduced a range of premium quality cremation jewellery urns, designed to house the cremated ash of a loved one in the form of a wearable pendant. We also have a range of miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss memorial jewellery too. Our selection of sterling silver and 9 carat gold memorial urn jewellery is the epitome of quality for anyone who wants to provide the best for their loved one's cremated ashes.

As the number of cremations has increased, so has the demand for special cremation memorial jewellery. People feel the need to keep the cremated remains of a loved one close to them, long after they have left the crematorium, and cremation jewellery fulfills this need.

Many people opt for the traditional cremation urn, while at the same time placing a small amount of cremated ash in our memorial pendants. Our jewellery is particularly popular with those of us who have family living away from them, and who feel the need for a cremation keepsake. Memorial jewellery is often the solution to helping them with the bereavement process.

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La Belle Dame

We have very recently added a very special line of Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Loss Memorial Jewellry for those who have experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy or infancy. So often when a mother loses her pregnancy to miscarriage or stillbirth there is no place to go to feel connected to their baby, no place to grieve her loss. We created our Miscarriage and Infant Loss jewellry to help mothers feel connected to their little ones, to have a tangible something to touch and give them strength when they need it most. When the rest of the world goes on like nothing has ever happened, sometimes the grieving mother needs that extra something special to hold onto that carries her baby's memory with her, where ever she goes. And, from a mother who understands, you can be assured that we offer compassionate customer care. Ships to the UK.

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Together Always

Together Always was born with the idea to clearly display the ashes of loved ones in the jewellery setting, so they can be seen at all times.

We have a great selection of jewellery available to buy now, including rings for men and women and a range of pendants.

Together Always offers fine cremation jewellery encapsulating your loved one's ashes.

We have remodelled seven classic pieces of fine sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery, each one tastefully designed to keep the ashes of your loved one safely encapsulated forever.

ashes ring

With our specialist cremation jewellery you can clearly see the ashes of your loved one at all times.

Our cabochon settings come in a choice of classic gem stone colours including Sapphire (blue), Ruby (red), Topaz (golden), Amber (golden brown), Emerald (green) and Diamond (clear), making it a truly individual piece.

All of our jewellery carries British hallmarks and our own makers mark which is our guarantee of quality to you.

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