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Memorial Projects for Siblings

It is easy to forget that any other children you have will be suffering the loss of your child. We can become so involved in our own grief that sometimes do not give our other children the time to help them come to terms with their loss too. We have outlined a few projects below that will be good to do as a family and will help all of you.

Memory Boxes

Many children will love to collect special items that may remind them of your child. They could collect photo's, a piece of clothing, or a favourite toy. They could draw a picture, write a story or just write down their best memories or their brother or sister. Instead of buying a ready made box, maybe create your own memory box, decorating it with drawings, or pictures of what your child liked. Fill the box with your memories, items stories or thoughts. This box of treasured memories can be added to as the months and years go by, becoming a special tribute to your child.

Memory Book

Another lovely idea and one that our daughter's counsellor has created with her is a memory book. Somewhere to put your favourite photos, stories and poems that remind you of your child, or ones that were their favourite. Georgia writes the things Lewis liked, his favourite places to go and what he liked and didnt like, she writes her best memories of him and things they liked to do together.


I feel this is a very important way of remembering your child. Either in pictures or words, writing down your feelings or drawing/painting how you feel, and letting the pictures tell the story can say so much. During our journey with Lewis we kept a daily blog, a diary for all our family and friends to read. Not only did it let everyone know how Lewis was doing but it helped us by writing everything down, we often go back to read it now. A journal is a such a special tribute, for you and your other children and like the memory box, it will be something that you can add to with thoughts, memories and poems, anything you want.

Memory Garden

What a wonderful idea to have a patch of garden to dedicate to your child. Something that any siblings can totally interact with and a special place to go if they are feeling a bit sad. The garden can include favourite flowers, windmills, candles and chimes; or maybe take a laminated picture of your child and tie to a tree. There are no limits to what you could include to make your garden a special memorial to your child.

Create a Space

This could be a space anywhere in the house; or a special room or part of a wall dedicated to your child. Somewhere to put items that remind you of your child, you could even place candles and others could add items too.

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