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Name a Star

Imagine looking up into the night sky and knowing that there is the brightest star twinkling with your Childs name on it. A wonderful Memorial to last forever......


International Star Registry

The international Star Registry began in 1979 when our founder wanted to name a star for his daughter. He was told that by policy astronomers do not name starts, but further research showed that there was nothing to prevent him starting a star naming service for himself.

Astronomers do not use the names we designate to stars but always refer to them by position or catalogue number. Naming a star is therefore not a scientific venture but a symbolic gesture of regard, friendship or love.

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Star Listings

Star Listings International is an established and respected company based in the Midlands, UK. We offer a competitively priced star naming service which allows you to name a star in a chosen star constellation of your choice, as a unique, symbolic, novelty gift for someone special to you.

We pride ourselves on offering a fast, professional service and delivering a high-quality product that brings happiness to many people.

We are committed to our customer's satisfaction, and to ensuring that any queries are dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.

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Star Name Registry

Star Name Registry is where you can name a star visible in the UK for someone special. Naming a star is as easy as filling in our short form and then waiting for your pack in the post.

When you purchase a package your dedicated star will be entered into the Star Name Registry within 24 hours. Stars will never be named twice in our Star Name Registry which means your star is unique to you. Each and every entry is treated with care and copyrighted with the British Government.

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