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Names in the Sand

We came across this wonderful site, which not offers help and guidance after baby loss, but where you can have a photo of your child's name written at sunset on a beautiful Australian beach, they are absolutely stunning. Here is Carly's story and how she came to be inspired............

On Australia Day (January 26th) 2007 our son Christian was stillborn. Our world fell apart. We could not believelewis that our perfect baby boy was not going to be able to come home from the hospital with us.

Over the following 18 months we struggled to make sense of why this could have possibly happened to us. We still don't understand why.

On August 19th 2008 I dreamed of our son for the first time. He was playing on the beach with his friends that had also passed away. I walked up the beach to where he was but before I got to him, he ran away. I got to the point that they had been playing and it was then that I saw he had written his name in the sand.

This dream inspired me to visit the beach and write his name in the sand myself. I took my camera down to the shore at sunset and wrote his name. Since that day in the winter of 2008 I have written over 9700 children's names in the sand.

It is a simple act that recognizes a life. It gives something beautiful to a family that may only have a few memories of their child - or even none at all.

I visit the beach around 6 nights a week. I write all of the names, take all of the photos and create all of the memorials as a free service to anyone who has been touched by the loss of a child. We rely purely on donations to keep our son's legacy alive so if we write your child's name in the sand and you like the photograph you can purchase your high resolution jpeg for a donation of $25 AUS. This one donation of $25 covers you for however many of your childrens names we have written for you. The jpeg photo will be emailed to you and you are able to print and enlarge the image as many times as you please.

Having Christian's sunset photograph displayed in our home has brought us much peace. We have it framed next to the photographs of our beautiful girls. It reminds anybody that comes into our home that we did have a son and that he is just as loved as our girls are.

The photo's (Jpeg's) cost $29 but I am sure you will agree that they are absolutely beautiful.

Lisa's Hawaiian Names

Lisa is a good friend of Carly (above) she has also set up her own blog site and takes requests for names to be written in the sand in Hawaii, Lisa only visits about 4 times a year but you can leave a request and find more information about her through her website.

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