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The Day I lost me too

Another anniversary of the day that I lost you
It's really very simple that day, I lost me too.

Although I try to find the me that I used to be
I will never find that person for she is lost to me.

I know it sounds confusing to those that have no clue
That when you lose a child, you also then lose you.

It sounds like one big riddle that I should work on through
But there is not an answer, not one thing that I can do

Grief is what has come to me and changed me from within
It has burrowed deep inside of me, like it's a second skin.

No one should live on this way but there was little choice
When grief was handed out to me I didn't have a voice.

I often wonder who I am since losing my sweet child
In the world in which we live in I've been forced into denial.

With every anniversary that marks another year
Are thoughts that come from others that my pain should disappear.

I am a mother that has lost a child, on a tragic day
With that loss it took my dreams and visions far away.

I would have chose to leave instead for life is not so good
For all that ever mattered was my son and motherhood.

Author unknown